08 May

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Don’t miss our transcribed review of the Orca S4 Wetsuit, as well as the Giro Air Attack Aero Road Bike Helmet Review.

08 May

TriVillage: Giro Air Attack Aero Road Bike Helmet Review

We have another review here for you, with transcription as usual. Today we’re featuring the Giro Air Attack helmet.

You can get lots of different Giro helmets at great prices at TriVillage. Giro changed everything when it hit the market and continues to set the pace.

This review covers all the important features, breaking down just what makes this helmet so impressive. Have a look for yourself.

Hi, I’m Eric with Performance Bicycle and this is a Giro Air Attack shield helmet. This is Giro’s latest offering and it’s a fantastic piece of technology. What makes this different than any other helmet on the market is how aero it truly is. It’s 12% more earo than their aeon helmet which is their top of the line road helmet. This one does that through a truncated aero design. So it doesn’t have the big tail on it like a lot of the of the TT helmets do which allows this to be road legal. Which is very cool.

Now, putting that into numbers, it’s actually 17 seconds faster over 40 kilometers. Another piece of technology in this helmet is the Carl Zeiss lens. Carl Zeiss is one of the leaders in optics right now and this lens is magnetic so you can flip it upside down for warm ups and cool downs and you leave it down for racing.

One thing that a lot of people think when they see this is, boy, that’s got to be warm in the summer. Well, that’s not true. This has six vents and while a lot of helmets have 28 vents, six vents does the job on this helmet. They say it’s almost as cool as a bare head on the road. Now how this works is there’s two front vents that jam air into the helmet between the head and the helmet surface. Now on the inside here you can see there’s actually channels. Those channels help to direct air more efficiently past the head. And there’s four rear vents. Now those vents when they are a gust to them, they reach a Venturi effect. When you’re going down the road going 30 miles an hour the air moving past these vents pulls air out with it and that’s what helps to extract that warm, moist air from the helmet, keeping you cool.

It’s got the roc loc five air suspension system so it’s very comfortable, really adjustable. New webbing for 2013 and it’s a great piece of technology. We’re very excited about it, the pros are riding it, and this is the Giro Air Attack Shield helmet.

And don’t forget our past transcribed review of the Orca S4 wetsuit, which you can find here. Remember, there is no “tri”, only do!

08 May

TriVillage Orca S4 Review

TriVillage stocks everything a triathlete needs. Everything from shoes to wetsuits to shoes. You can get bike accessories and heart rate monitors. All the stuff a dedicated athlete or beginner to Triathlons would want.

If you cruise over to TriVillage.com, you can get a good sense of what I’m talking about. The site is easy to navigate with products grouped together in easy intuitive categories.

We’ve got a wetsuit review for you. TriVillage carries Orca products, including the S4, and you can pick up one of these for yourself at their site. YouTuber triTDMX1 reviews it for us. An experienced triathlete, he breaks down it’s advantages and notes some things to keep in mind when purchasing it. Sounds like a good wetsuit for either a beginner or an experienced swimmer.

Note in particular the advice about buying a size larger.

Today I’m going to be bringing you a wetsuit review on my Orca S4. So, basically to begin with this wetsuit runs a size small. I weigh about 140 pounds and I bought the size 5. I probably should’ve got a size 6. So if you are going to buy this wet suit I would advise you to buy a size larger.

Overall, I’ve only swam in the wetsuit for about 10 hours, so that’s about ten sessions in the pool for me. I found that the buoyancy with this wetsuit was perfect for me. It keeps my hips up, my feet don’t drag. It’s really smooth in the water. There’s really no spots for it to catch in the water. One thing I do like about this wetsuit is the textile forearm in it which helps your catch in your pool and your traction in the water.

The neck for me because it does run a size small, it’s a little bothersome but as long as you put some glide on your neck before you jump in the ocean or pool or lake where you swim at you should be good. The other thing I like the speed transition calf. It’s cut like a “U” which helps to pull it off real quick while it’s wet so you don’t have to sit there and try to shimmy it down your leg, you just rip it off right away.

What else? This is the back of it. Like I said, I believe it’s a four millimeter neoprene in the hips, the waist, and as it goes up in the back and arms it’s a 2-3 mm neoprene. It has a 24 inch string in the back for your zipper. It has like a little lay flat collar in there so it’s not going to, so the Velcro won’t be chafing your neck.

Overall, just from my experience with this wetsuit I would highly recommend this wetsuit for anyone who is new to triathlon, even experienced triathletes will use this wetsuit but for a beginner it’s a perfect wetsuit, it’s in a decent price range, I paid about 215 for it. And I heard some rumors that Orca is going to be raising their prices on the S4, because it’s a little bit more than an entry-level wetsuit, so they can’t really keep pricing it as low as they are. Right now it’s still around 215-220, so if you need a wetsuit I’d hurry and get this one before the price goes up because the price could go up to 3-400 dollars like the other wetsuits that Orca sells.

So, yeah, that’s pretty much it. Good design. Lightweight. Like I said it’s a little constricted while you’re trying to break it in, so if you are going to get the S4 I would get a size bigger. So, enjoy, it’s a good wetsuit.

Now this is what we like in a review. Comprehensive, good flow, critical and informative. You can also check out TriVillage on Amazon.