23 Jan

Ultimate Paintball Deals, Steals & Coupon Codes

UltimatePaintball.com kills it with its huge selection of paintball guns and accessories. But you already knew that. What you want is deals. So here you go.

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And don’t miss this review of the Tippmann Sports Carbine Airsoft Rifle, which you can get now from UltimatePaintball.com (with transcript).

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23 Jan

Review: Tippmann Sports Carbine Airsoft available at ultimatepaintball.com

Anthony from Syndikate Airsoft reviews the M4 Tippmann Sports Carbine Airsoft Rifle available now from www.ultimatepaintball.com. Ultimate Paintball carries paintball gun packages, protective gear, air systems, masks, loaders and barrels, plus all sorts of upgrades and parts. Anthony covers the features of the rifle in depth and at breakneck speed. If you’d like to check out Ultimate Paintball’s selection at their website, go here. If you’re interested in checking out more Ultimate Paintball on Amazon. Check out the review below, with transcription as usual.

Anthony reviews the Tippmann Sports Carbine Airsoft Rifle.

What’s up, guys? My name’s Anthony I’m here with Syndikate Airsoft. Today I have in my hands the Tippmann M4, it is run off HPA line. It’s hitting about 400 FPS. You can see the chrono footage right now. If you don’t want to run an HPA system, if you don’t quite have enough money for the line and tank and everything, you can run proprietary mags that they make that hold CO2, you only have to switch out a part – it takes about a minute. Then you can run a mag that holds 80 rounds of a CO2. One CO2 will hold one mag. As soon as you expel the mag, though, the CO2 is going to release because it is punctured up here.

Another cool feature about this is that if you guys are into real steal and have real steel stocks and parts the buffer tube is real steel, the hand guards and forward, everything up front and everything back here is real steel. So you’re real steel stocks and grips are going to fit. With this M4 it is using the old type 98 bolt system. That’s an old paintball bolt but it’s been modified to work in the M4. What’s cool about this is when you actually have the bolt live and everything and charge it with your mag in, I don’t know if you can see this but it does have recoil.

Another cool thing about this gun is that you can use AG mags. So I’m talking mi-caps, high-caps, if you’re not running the CO2 setup, you can have a mid-cap or a high-cap just for a regular AG gun. But as you can see I have a vertical grip and a T1. They’re not going to be coming with these but it’s just something it for today during a game. It will be coming with flip up sights. I’m not totally sure if it will be coming with these MBUS flip up sights, it’s just what we got with the prototype. It’s solid. It’s a full metal body. You can remove this rail system if you want a standard hand guard without the rails. So you can change that because it is a standard delta ring without the front post.

But these rails you can actually unscrew with a hex key and remove them off so that you can have a round light weight hand guard that doesn’t have any type of rails on it. And, obviously you’ll still be able to have a front sight on it because there’s an actual rail with a gas tube. So if you want to go light weight no rails you don’t need anything up three you can take them off it’s that simple. On the back up here you have a double sling point so if you want to run one point on either side, you have a sling point on the back, a sling point on the back, for your two point. You could possibly run a three point system. Personally I’d run a one point system back here and it comes with this which is a really cool feature.

Overall, this gun is really cool. Being able to have an HPA gun for about $380-$390 is a lot cheaper than having a Polish Star fusion engine as those go about $500 just for the fusion engine itself. Then you have to buy the gun, which could be another couple hundred dollars. I’m definitely going to be picking up one soon in the future, I’m going to be having one hell of a blast playing with this out on the field so I’ll see you all next time.

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