28 Oct

Wahoo Fitness Reviews

So here’s the honest truth about Wahoo Fitness. The make a bunch of products that are designed for phone products specifically Apple phones. Well, this means hundreds of people are reviewing these products trying to make money every which way. Not to say they opClarity doesn’t generate revenue from our site but it’s quite different than this other stuff. And well, the hundreds of interviews make actually unbiased interviews quite hard to find. So, what we will do is include a scoured review from an impartial person and of course our normal video reviews. But before that we seriously suggest you read the Wahoo Amazon Reviews and don’t even think about missing our custom CEO interview.

I have had mine for about 2 months now and honestly love it…..it has solved the issues of where to stick my iPhone when I ride. It reads all of my sensors and has an easily readable display. I like that I can upload to Garmin Connect and get all my data, charts, etc. For me it is a no brainer…….your going to take you phone with you anyways, why not strap it to your bar and get some use out of it. I am thinking of getting the extended battery pack…..probably worth the money, but it’s a little steep for me right now.

Not like I am talking bad about some video reviewers but this Wahoo Video Review is really good, it’s about one of their Power Trainers. Check it out and read the synopsis below for our hearing impaired video annoyed folks.

28 Oct

Wahoo Fitness Coupons

Wahoo Fitness has all of the equipment your heart desires to get your workouts on track or keep them going successfully. Here’s the thing I like about Wahoofitness; They are not some big brand so the stuff they sell you know you are gonna get top of the line non bureacratic service when dealing with them. And, as a business who has a prior relationship with them I can tell you that they really do a lot of orders a month. Anyhow, here are some steals and deals!

just about 10% off Wahoo Fitness: abv2012

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Here is a Wahoo Fitness business interview: Click Here

Plenty of handpicked reviews of wahoofitness.com products: Click Here

Wahoo products on Amazon: Wahoo Amazon

28 Oct

Wahoo Fitness CEO

Wahoo Fitness has a pretty kickin social media presence so there’s actually a decent amount of business interviews with Wahoo. We want to get some actual custom text based interviews with the business here for you. This may take awhile but we will keep picking at our contacts over there. Check out their business reviews though and don’t miss our custom Wahoo Fitness deals just for you!

We are big fans of on the spot trade show interviews. Here is one just for you! And yeah, we will get this text based as soon as possible.

Basically, you can find a decent amount of these on the web, Youtube specifically so for now feel free to surf over there and see what you can find. If there a wahoofitness.com video you want text based just comment here and we can get that done for you.