10 Feb

My Patriot Supply 3 Day Food Unboxing

These wild swings in the stock market has a lot of people on edge. China, the backbone of the global economy these days is wavering. What will tomorrow bring? According to the average, we’re due for another recession and who knows how hard it will hit? Oil prices are crashing and with the government keeping interest rates at historical lows and pumping cash into the stock market, the future looks uncertain to say the least.

That’s why a lot of people are again starting to stock up on food and other supplies so they can make it through any period of chaos, political or economic, that may be on the horizon. And be prepared in general has the nice side effect of covering the bases for any surprises that may come around, like natural disasters.

My Patriot Supply has been a go-to webstore for preppers for a long time now. People interested in preparedness know they can rely on them for quality, both in terms of product and service.

How’s it going? Silver ,Guns and Preps. I figured while I was at it I might as well do an unboxing of prepping items. This is a pack from My Patriot Supply. It’s actually a 72 hour, 3 day food supply kit. They’re running a special.

They’re doing a 3 day supply for ten bucks and free shipping and a limit up to four, so I went ahead and bought four of them. I think everybody should at least have some kind of emergency food for any kind of emergency. Personally, that’s my own opinion.

Anyway, I got these just to put away in case I need them in case of emergency. When I say emergency I mean anything from tornado to earthquake, whatever natural disaster might be in your area. A flood. But I thought it was a pretty decent deal. Here they are. Here’s the 72 hour kit. I got four of these bad boys. Here’s a screen shot. The main thing I like is it’s made in the USA. Here’s what it’s got in it.

But, yeah, if you guys want any I’m sure the special’s still going. I got four of these nice packs. Mylar bags. And they have all the food – I believe they said they have oxygen absorbers inside these packages. I’ve heard of this company, I’ve heard good things. There are a million reviews out there on My Patriot Supply and you can take a look and if you wanted better details on what the foods taste like. Take a look, thanks!

It’s never too late to start preparing. Head on over the MyPatriotSupply.com now and buy some piece of mind. You never know when disaster is going to strike but you can make sure you’re ready when it does.

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