opClarity Manifesto

Preamble: opClarity delivers straight forward reviews and deals in an owner & consumer centered model.

opClarity cuts through the tape when it comes to review overload.

Our experienced team handpicks reviews of products, services and business all around the internet to give you the best information available. Too many reviews on sites that make businesses pay for placement create confusion. We intend to remedy this.

  • Review Support for the hearing impaired. A large task we have undertaken is our utilization of transcribing review videos. For those hard of hearing we hope that our video to text reviews are helpful. If you would like us to put a review in text please comment on that article, story or business in question. Many stores will subtitle their own product videos, but hardly ever will individual reviewers.

opClarity delivers unique interviews to the consumer from business owners about their products.

We really believe that part of  a review should be the owners speaking for themselves. Getting beyond the business hype and down to how they feel about their own businesses can help you the consumer make a decision. So, we will make it a point to get direct interviews with the CEO, Boss or Owner that you can read.

opClarity will NEVER use Yelp like tactics against businesses and consumers alike.

We intend to be incredibly open in regards to how we create revenue. This site will not sell advertising or rank certain businesses over others.  As we grow we will fairly, and equitably generate revenue by not making businesses compete for attention in ways that foster mistrust and anger.

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