20 Aug

Raveready.com Fluffies Review

Is it neon? Is it furry? Does it light up or pulse with the music? If it does, RaveReady.com probably has it. A quick look over their stock reveals a deep inventory of rave gear.

Today we’ve got a review for you. Nikki on YouTube takes Rave Ready‘s fluffies for a spin, describing them from unpacking to general impression.  You know what fluffies are, the classic bright furry boots ubiquitous on the dance floor.

Let’s get down to it then!

Hi. I’m doing a video on my thoughts about these RaveReady fuzzies and my honest opinion of them. First, let me state that this color, when I first opened the container they were in, damn my eyes were blinded. Like, damn, look how bright these things are. Wow. I’ve seen so many different kind of brands from different kind of people try to make these bright of fluffies and let me tell you, not as bright as these ones.

Second, when I first opened it, I read the container that said open, shake, love. And I was like, why do you need to shake it. So I shook it. And the downside of it is that the fuzzies that are on there just come right off. I shook it and they’re like all over my black pants and everything and it’s a bitch and a half to get them off. So a person like me, that’s my only downside with these.

I personally love them. Like, I’m touching them and they’re so soft. I don’t know what I can even compare them to. It’s like a fleece blanket. Softer than that. And another thing that I like about it. You know how some of those fluffies have those elastic bands and it’s kind of elasticy and some of them have that rigid side to it that is kind of irritating to your leg? These ones have this stretchy, really nice fabric on it, where, honestly, it doesn’t do that to you legs. So you can be dancing and everything and it doesn’t, like, irritate you at all, it feels nice and fine.

And personally, I love getting stuff from Rave Ready. I’ve got four pairs of LED gloves from that site and, God, I can’t get enough of that site. It’s personally my favorite rave site and I will be buying more stuff in the future from there. And I really hope this video helped you guys. So that’s my honest opinion about these Rave Ready leg wears. The only downside is that when you shake it, it gets stuck onto your legs, so have a lint roller ready, guys, because that’s going to be the only downfall about it. Besides that, awesome stitching, great fabric. Amazing on everything. So, thanks, Rave Ready.

So remember to shake them out before hand! Check out more of what Rave Ready has on hand by checking out their website. If you want to know more about RaveReady, consider checking out our snipped interview with RaveReady founder and CEO Raymond Stone.

05 Aug

How to find legit local product and service reviews

Sometimes it can be hard to separate the wheat from the chaff when searching for local online reviews. There are a lot of services that you can use. In our experience it’s wise to check a few sources before making a decision.

Services like Yelp and search engines you’re probably familiar with can help you. Sites like Urban Spoon are helpful, too. Cross-referencing them is a good idea, to compare notes. People have different tastes and experiences.

Sites like Amazon have built in rating systems and people often leave very detailed reviews of their experience with various products. This can be really useful for getting in person appraisals of things like clothing sizes (does the product tend towards larger or smaller than normal?) and color (is the picture of the item true to its real hue?). It can also be informative in terms of how it functions and whether it performs as promised.

Another place to check for reviews of products is YouTube. People often post videos that evaluate a product out of the box. These “unboxings” can be quite informative. You can also find product comparisons. For instance, in our review of the SJCAM you can see an example of a side by side comparison. Our post about the Nikon D5300 is another example of this.

All in all, it’s best to choose several sources and compare to get the best sense of a product or service. Keep in mind the purpose of the review and the level of expertise of the reviewer. For some products this may be more important than with others. Happy shopping!

03 Jun

Tips For Buying Your First Suit

Looking at the huge selection at Men’s USA, it can be hard to know where to start.

As we mentioned in another post, buying a suit can be intimidating. Especially just starting out, it can be difficult to know where to begin, or what basics to focus on. In this blog, we hope to put together some resources to help you out in making those decisions.

First, let’s get started with a quick video overview, courtesy of Combatant Gentlemen.


What’s up, guys? I’m Eric, stylist here at Combatant Gentlemen. A lot of guys ask me, “What should I look for when buying my first suit?” Whether starting from scratch or rebuilding your wardrobe, here are my six tips to keep in mind.

Remember, your first suit is all about versatility. You want to be able to wear it to the office and to a friend’s wedding.

Number one, color. Go with a dark solid like charcoal or navy. Personally, I prefer navy. Now, you might be asking, what about black? Look, it’s a great color but it’s best for specific occasions, so let’s leave that one for later.

Number two, fabric. For your first suit, go for something that’s 100% wool. It looks better, feels better, plus it’s more breathable so it will work in a variety of temperatures.

Number three, fit. Great fits starts with getting the right size. Then you’re going to need to choose the right cut. You want something trim but not tight. Definitely avoid the boxy look. Your jacket should taper in at the waist and have 2-3 inch lapels. Pants should be the same. Trim, definitely not baggy.

Number four, pants. Most guys look best in a flat front pant without a cuff.

Number five, buttons. When you’re just starting out go with a single breasted two button suit. It’s always in style and it always looks sharp.

Number six, vents. I’m talking about slits in the back of your jacket. Single or double vents work. Personally, I prefer double. Just make sure your jacket has them.

So there you go. The basics to keep in mind when choosing a suit. Follow these tips and you won’t go wrong. As usual, thanks for tuning in.

Now that you have the basics, you are ready to go a bit deeper. Check out these style guides. You can’t go wrong with these suit-buying tips from GQ (although with MensUSA you won’t have to worry about that pushy sales guy). And this how to from AskMen builds on top of that. As with most things, the more you know, the more confident your choice will be

03 Jun

MensUSA.com Company Overview

MensUSA is a massive storehouse of suits. Just have a look. It’s insane how much stuff they have. To truly appreciate it, you really need to just go to the site and click around. Make sure to check out their new arrivals.

Every man needs a suit in his wardrobe and that getting a suit can not only be a bit intimidating, but the process of physically visiting stores and browsing and trying on suit after suit isn’t for everyone. MensUSA makes that process easy as clicking the mouse.

Jason Inclan from MesnaUSA gives a quick overview of what they’re all about.

Here at MensUSA for the past 25 years we have been providing quality suits at affordable prices. We get all sizes here. From tallers to big and tall to even size 72. We specialize in all different types of events here from weddings to proms to funerals to business events to birthdays. Here at MensUSA, we have every suit that you need for your special event.

We have over 200,000 suits in stock. From zoot suits to wedding suits to sports coats to even top hats. Here at MensUSA we can give you everything you need when it comes to your suits.

We have bi-coastal warehouses to ensure fast shipping.

Shopping for a suit just got easier.

03 Jun

Purrfect Fence Reviews Around the Web

If you do some searches you can find a variety of reviews of the Purrfect Fence. We’ve gathered a few here to help you out.

Last year, CatCluez took a look at a few cat enclosures, including Purrfect Fence. Overall, they were impressed, citing several factors as arguing in its favor:

What I like about the Purr…fect Fence product

  • Very secure
  • Can be adapted to just about any yard or outdoor space
  • The company provides an instructional video to help you set up and install the product

On the downside, they mentioned that installation is a bit time consuming, although this may translate into a benefit for someone who has time to spend or enjoys an outdoor project.

Pets Weekly evaluated the Purrfect Fence a few years ago, putting it to the test with fourteen “formerly” feral cats. Again, the product stacked up well.

The first thing that they did was test their boundaries. They tried to climb up the fence (no luck – too flimsy), they searched below (too solid), attempted to dig out (to deeply staked), and tried to bite through the fence (too strong). The fencing system was impenetrable. Not only could the cats not get out, predators could not get in!

The one drawback mentioned was the lack of clarity in the written instructions, although this was some years ago, so this may no longer apply. Either way, the author recommends skipping to the video instructions instead, which are really straightforward.

If you haven’t yet, we also have a featured video review of the Purrfect Fence, with transcription, that we think you’ll find helpful. You can watch that video review here.

The best, most comprehensive review of the Purrfect Fence comes from the blog, The Life of Lew Ayotte. Head over there for a detailed, step by step description of the set up process, including some improvisations that were necessary based on specific hard soil conditions that made staking difficult.

All in all, reviews are very good, but keep in mind the time commitment. That seems to come up a lot. That said, everyone agrees that the Purrfect Fence delivers as promised. Cats don’t get out and you get the peace of mind knowing they are playing safely in the yard and not in the street.

03 Jun

Purrfect Fence Review

Purrfect Fence is one of those products that when you see it, you smack your head. How wasn’t this available until now? It seems so obvious. Such a simple solution to a problem so many cat owners know all too well.

Not every cat is a full outdoor cat, but how do you give your cat some freedom to play outside without the constant worry? Purrfect Fence, that’s how.

Because cats are different, there are three versions of Purrfect Fence available, including one for those “Houdini cats” who just seem able to escape from anything, against all the odds. Purrfect Fence cat enclosures will stymie even the most determined cat’s attempts to get over the wall.

Need a visual demo? You’re in luck. Check out this video by Purrfect Fence owner Betsy. If you want to save a couple minutes, you can skim the transcript below.


Hey, Betsy here. I wanted to take a few minutes to show you our Purrfect Fence, which is our addition to the top of our wood fence that prevents our cats from ever leaving our backyard. And I know it’s sometimes hard to see this in pictures on the internet so I thought maybe a video would be good for if anyone who was interested in doing a cat fence.

So you can see, it’s just metal brackets with black mesh on top o four existing six foot wood fence and it works great. So far we have never had a cat escape our yard except when our neighbor’s dog digs holes under our fence, like that. So technically we’ve never had a cat escape over the top of our fence. And they can run around the backyard and play 24 hours a day, and leave the pet door open. And you can see the kids are playing with her, too. We can leave the pet door open all day and all night, and they come out here as they please. And they’ve never escaped the fence. And it works really well.

The people at Purrfect Fence have been very helpful. I sent them dimensions of our backyard and they helped us order exactly what we needed. And they even helped us – I sent them images of our corners and our gate, you know, to make sure we didn’t have any tricky spots, and they sent us exactly the parts that we needed for our gate and our fence. And I’ll go over here and show you our back gate. Please excuse our backyard, I’m kind of in the middle of demolition here, we’ve been pulling up some things and trying to make some new beds.

You can see our gate. It’s a little bit funny because it’s such a narrow space, so we had to get a little bit creative about how to still open the gate but maintain the fence. We rigged it up a little bit here, you can see the double brackets. But it allows us to still open our gate and the cats can’t get out. So it works great.

So there it is. I don’t get paid anything for telling you about Purrfect fence but I just love it so much because our cats are allowed to go out whenever they want and they never escape our backyard. So if you have any questions or if you ‘re thinking about getting a Purrfect Fence, feel free to ask me questions any time and I’d love to help you. And the Purrfect Fence people were excellent for helping as well. So that’s it, thanks so much.

Purrfect Fence is also available at Amazon.

03 Jun

Clearlice CEO Howard Shecter Product Overview

Today we’re featuring a video where Clearlice CEO and founder Howard Shecter personally explains the Clearlice line of products and how they work together. Because whatever product you choose, getting rid of lice isn’t as simple as just using a lice shampoo. You have to make sure they don’t come back, and that means you need a full treatment.

Shecter breaks this all down in a simple, straightforward way, explaining how the various Clearlice products fit together in an overall strategy to beat back the lice once and for all.

Let’s tune in. As usual, we’ve transcribed his presentation for easy browsing.

Hi, this is Howard Shecter, the founder and CEO of Clearlice here again to talk to you about our natural line of head lice products. Right now what we have is three types of products. We have our lice eliminating products. We have our shampoo, which is a natural sodium laurel sulfate-free shampoo – there’s no chemicals, no poisons in here. It’s safe to use for young children, it’s safe to use for delicate scalps. It has a nice peppermint smell. Our customers call in and say it actually smells like Christmas. So this is a wonderful product that will eliminate your lice in one day. And it actually does break open the shells of the lice and the nits and there is no need to any repeat treatments a week later to kill the nits.

This is our conditioner. This has a great peppermint smell as well. What this is used for is to make the combing process very easy after you use the shampoo. So you would use it, do a 20 or 30 minute combing. And it works wonderful, smells nice, makes the hair soft and plump.

You would then go ahead and treat your environment. It’s very important to treat your home environment so you don’t get a re-infestation. This is a household spray. Again, these products have a great peppermint smell, so there’s no harsh chemical odors to these. This is safe to use around your pets, safe to use around children, dries very quickly and it eliminates the lice on your furniture, bedding, car, anything you can’t put in the laundry.

Anything that you can put in the laundry you’re going to use our enzyme laundry additive. What this is going to do, again, this is going to destroy the shells of the lice and nits in your washing machine. We tell our customers, anything you can put in the washer you’re going to go ahead and put it in and use this. If it can’t go in the washer, you’re going to spray it with this.

Once you’re done with our one day treatment and the lice are gone, you want to make sure you don’t get it again. Because you got it in the first place from children at school touching each other, hugging each other, sharing hats, sharing clothes. So what you want to do is you want to make sure that you don’t get it again. Because a lot of kids don’t know they have it for a few weeks, people can’t get rid of it, so it’s going to keep going around the school. So you’re going to shampoo with our lice repel shampoo. These products both have a wonderful lavender smell. So it’s a nice smell, it’s a nice scent. The shampoo, you can use this daily. This is something that will not dry out your scalp. So you’re going to use this, and then this is our leave in conditioner. Again, this has a great smell. You put it in you hair, it’s going to leave the hair soft and silky. And it is going to help the lice from coming back. So we highly recommend that after you eliminate the lice, you go ahead and use the repel products.

You can find out more about our products at www.clearlice.com. Or visit us on our social media channels. You can go to Twitter, Facebook or YouTube, forward slash Clearlice. I appreciate your time, you guys have a wonderful day.

If you haven’t seen it, you may want to go check out our featured Clearlice testimonial, and you can find many more at Clearlice‘s YouTube page. Also, their products are available from Amazon, where you can find many more customer reviews.