03 Jun

Purrfect Fence Reviews Around the Web

If you do some searches you can find a variety of reviews of the Purrfect Fence. We’ve gathered a few here to help you out.

Last year, CatCluez took a look at a few cat enclosures, including Purrfect Fence. Overall, they were impressed, citing several factors as arguing in its favor:

What I like about the Purr…fect Fence product

  • Very secure
  • Can be adapted to just about any yard or outdoor space
  • The company provides an instructional video to help you set up and install the product

On the downside, they mentioned that installation is a bit time consuming, although this may translate into a benefit for someone who has time to spend or enjoys an outdoor project.

Pets Weekly evaluated the Purrfect Fence a few years ago, putting it to the test with fourteen “formerly” feral cats. Again, the product stacked up well.

The first thing that they did was test their boundaries. They tried to climb up the fence (no luck – too flimsy), they searched below (too solid), attempted to dig out (to deeply staked), and tried to bite through the fence (too strong). The fencing system was impenetrable. Not only could the cats not get out, predators could not get in!

The one drawback mentioned was the lack of clarity in the written instructions, although this was some years ago, so this may no longer apply. Either way, the author recommends skipping to the video instructions instead, which are really straightforward.

If you haven’t yet, we also have a featured video review of the Purrfect Fence, with transcription, that we think you’ll find helpful. You can watch that video review here.

The best, most comprehensive review of the Purrfect Fence comes from the blog, The Life of Lew Ayotte. Head over there for a detailed, step by step description of the set up process, including some improvisations that were necessary based on specific hard soil conditions that made staking difficult.

All in all, reviews are very good, but keep in mind the time commitment. That seems to come up a lot. That said, everyone agrees that the Purrfect Fence delivers as promised. Cats don’t get out and you get the peace of mind knowing they are playing safely in the yard and not in the street.

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