03 Sep

My Patriot Supply 72 Hour Emergency Food Supply Review

Yesterday we spent a few minutes taking a quick overview of the 72 hour emergency food supply from My Patriot Supply. Today, let’s take a closer look and see what you get in this package.

As you know, the world is a chaotic place these days. The markets are unreliable, wages are stagnating, wars are breaking out and the climate is doing all kind of crazy stuff. And then you have your standard natural disasters to be concerned about. Getting set up with some emergency food that you can store long-term is a pretty good idea, just to be safe.

Flamengishta from YouTube is going to take us on a tour of the “Patriot Pantry 72 hour kit” from MyPatriotSupply.com. Let’s have a look.

Ok, guess what I got in the mail? I got my Patriot Pantry 72 hour kit. I got four of these big packages. Each of these packages includes four smaller packages, as you can see here. One of them is four servings of granny’s home style potato soup, four servings of travelers stew, four servings of blue ribbon creamy chicken rice, four servings of liberty bell potato cheddar soup.

So sixteen servings. I’m not sure how you would divvy those out for a 72 hour kit and I’m definitely going to assume this is for one person. Well, I am cooking a flagship meal,which the person taking my order was their best one. She said it was really good and I believe them, it looks really yummy. But this is the blue ribbon creamy chicken and rice. The package did not come with an oxygen absorber like it said it would so we’ll find out if it’s good, it looked really fresh.

Just looking at the packages here, the creamy chicken rice that I’m cooking right now contains four half cup servings and those are 490 calorie servings. So here’s your half cup. Does that look like a serving for you, it looks like a serving to me, I guess. Now, 490 calories for a meal. Now I’m no dummy, but I know the average human consumes around 2000 calories a day. So, great, maybe one of these throughout the day, four times a day. This one’s a 190 calories for its quarter cup serving. Here’s a quarter cup for ya. That’ll fill me to the gills. Here’s another one. Third cup for 270 big ones. And here’s another third cup serving for that one. So, here’s my math. Looks like 1140 calories for these third, third, quarter and half cup servings are gonna keep a grown man like myself fed for a day? That’s interesting.

Anyway, this is definitely not for 72 hours. Even if I was going to eat the whole pouch, which it looks like I’m going to go ahead doing. That’ll definitely feed me for a day these four pouches. For three days? Not a chance. I think these are better suited to be supplementals for actual meals because this is not a 72 hour kit by any means. This is a nice accessory kit for a couple days, maybe, when you have other food with it.

Anyway, I’m sure they’re going to taste good. Can’t wait to get started on it. Potato soup, looks good, this cheddar soup, this is the one I’m cooking, chicken and rice, and travelers stew. I don’t think preparing soups for a 72 hour kit is realistic or smart. It’s not a 72 hour kit, it’s misleading. But it sure looks good!

Checking the comments on flamengishta’s video, the consensus is that these are tasty but should be used as a supplement for other food you have on hand. Probably not the best for when you’re on the go, but if you’re at home they would be a good part of a bigger meal.

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